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Our philosophy / values



Home care, by its very nature, allows for care that is patient-centric care. Patient centric care is individualized, entitles the client to be recognized as an integral member of the health care team, and is holistic in its focus.  A standard towards which the US health care systems is moving towards as insurance decreases reliance on a Fee For Service approach.  To provide service that both embodies the spirit of and makes literal patient centered care, we focus on involving the client in the following key steps:

1. Allowing client to select PCW.  In the instance that the client doesn’t have one pre-chosen, PCW’s are selected for the client and the client is followed up with regularly by Human Resources to assess level of satisfaction

2. In person assessment by a Registered Nurse Case Manager(RNCM) in the home to assess client identified needs & level of need, provide recommendations for potential areas of need when applicable

3. Developing a written plan of care based on this assessment and any other needs identified by the RN or RNCM

4. Reviewing the plan of care with the client and PCW to ensure all are in agreement about the care needed and how it will be provided



  • Patient-Centered :
    • Maintaining our clients health, safety and general well-being as a central design of all services
    • Interacting with clients and employees in a manner of dignity, compassion, honesty and integrity
    • Developing, maintaining and demonstrating positive community relationships
  • Responsibility :
    • Commitment to the confidentiality of sensitive information to the best of our abilities
    • Recruiting, training, maintaining, of a competent adequately qualified trained staff
    • Recognizing accountability among all staff
  • Ethical:
    • Demonstrate respect for all peoples we interact with, regardless the individual(s) culture , religious beliefs, ethnicity, sexual or gender orientation, age or disability
    • Nurturing an environment that provides personal satisfaction among employees and recognition of our exceptional members through rewards.
  • Quality:
    • Seeking quality improvement opportunities throughout our practices.
    • Engaging clients regularly to assess opportunities for improvement


"The Most Basic Beliefs, Concepts, And Attitudes Of An Individual Or Group"

                 --Merriam Webster